Friday, April 8, 2011

Four (4) Women Final Story

Antoinette “Netta” Thomas
Period 2
Creative Writing
Like Black Women Love
I'm gonna love you like black women
love their men. Thick-lipped words
of encouragement will breathe icy cold
on heated epitaphs of venom-laced hatred.
My over-stuffed hips cache a resevoir
of strength. Like grandma's
hands I'll knead your worn-out pride
with kindred understanding.
I'm gonna love you like the whores
of masters loved the light of day.
I'm gonna love you
like black women love themselves:
without reservation; strong.

 Ferida Thomas, Odara Stone, Uniquewa Smith, and Ramia Jones, each with different ethnicities and different backgrounds from different places with different personalities, but one thing that they all have in common, is that they are women. These four women that comes together throughout all of their differences and stand together as strong women and their names has something to deal with their problem which is that they are beautiful strong women.
            “You don’t have to do this Ferida. You can still have a better life without trying to do this!”
            “But I don’t think I have a choice.”
            “Yes you do, please don’t do this. We love you and there are other people that love you for you.”
            “It’s too late for me to turn back.”
            “No it’s not too late! What are you talking about?”
            Ferida had tears rolling down her eyes and she looked down at the water that was going to take her life.
            “I love you guys so much!”          
            Ferida starts to fall off and her friends run up to her and try to catch her but it was too late. Ferida starts to fall towards the water quicker than she expected and was ready for her death to come. Her body hits the water and floats in the water and slowly dies while she’s in the water. Odara, Uniquewa and Ramia looks down and starts to cry when they see that she is dead and is no longer alive.

The Strong Black Woman Has Died
While struggling with the Reality of being a Human

instead of a myth, the Strong Black Woman passed away.

Medical sources say she died of natural causes,

but those who knew her know she died from

being Silent when she should have been

Screaming, Smiling when she should

have been Raging, from being sick

and not wanting anyone to know

because Her Pain might

inconvenience them.

She Died from an overdose of other people

clinging to Her when she

didn't even have

Energy for Herself.

She Died from Loving Men who didn't

Love themselves and could only

offer her a crippled reflection.

She Died from raising Children Alone.

She Died from the Lies her Grandmother

told her Mother and her Mother told

her about Life, Men & Racism.

She Died from being sexually abused as

a child and having to take that Truth

everywhere she went every day of

Her Life, exchanging the

humiliation for guilt

and back again.

She Died from asphyxiation, coughing up

blood from Secrets she kept trying to

burn away instead of allowing

Herself the kind of nervous

breakdown she was

entitled to.

She Died from being Responsible, because

She was the last rung on the ladder and

there was no one under her She

could dump on.

The Strong Black

Woman Is Dead.

She Died from being a Mother at 15

and a Grandmother at 30 and an

Ancestor at 45.

She Died from being dragged down and

sat upon by un-evolved Women posing

as Sisters and Friends.

She Died from tolerating Mr. Pitiful,

JUST to have a Man around the house.

She Died from sacrificing Herself for

Everybody and Everything when

what She really wanted to do

was be a Singer, a Dancer,

or some Magnificent other.

She Died from Lies of omission because

She didn't want to bring the

Black Man down.

She Died from Tributes from her counterparts

who should have been matching Her Efforts

instead of showering her with dead words

and empty songs.

She Died from Myths that would not allow

Her to show Weakness without being

chastised by the Lazy and Hazy.

She Died from hiding her Real Feelings

until they became Hard and Bitter

enough to invade Her womb and

breasts like angry tumors.

She Died from always lifting something

from heavy boxes to refrigerators

All By Herself.

The Strong Black Woman Is Dead.

She Died from never being Enough of what

Men Wanted, or being Too much for the

Men She Wanted.

She Died from Being too Black and

Died again for not Being

Black enough.

She Died from being Misinformed about her

Mind, her Body & the extent of her

Royal capabilities.

She Died from knees pressed too close together

because Respect was never part of the

foreplay that was being shoved at Her.

She Died from Loneliness in Birthing rooms

and Aloneness in Abortion centers.

She Died in bathrooms with Her veins busting

open with Self-Hatred and Neglect.

And Sometimes when She Refused to die,

when She just Refused to give in, She

was Killed by the lethal images of

blonde hair, blue eyes, being

rejected by the OJ.'s, the

Quincy's, the Cuba's,

& the Kobe's.

Sometimes, She was stomped to Death by

Racism & Sexism, Executed by Hi-Tech

ignorance while She carried the

Family in her belly, the

Community on her

head, and the

Race on her


The Strong Black Woman Is Dead!

Or Is She?


Pass this on to all the Strong Black

Women that you Love, Respect,

and Admire!

And the Black Men who care.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Daily Journal

In the class of creative writing, I had a really good time, and I actually learned a good amount from this class. I love the fun short stories that we had to do in class. It was much fun havnig people that I knew in class with me so I won't be alone. I loved the song presentation that everyone did I just hated that I picked the wrong time of song and I wish that i could start over. I loved some of the assingments because it had me show people what type of person I was through my poems and stories.

I didn't really had some Shakespeare unit because I didn't know how to make good poems in hkis units because of his language. But at other times I didn't like how the teacher would tell us millions of time to do something when we did or was about to. Also, the teacher was cool but the class could have been better.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Daily Journal

I was working at Burger King and I was working at the cash register and this one couple came in and ordered the Fish sandwich meal and the Double Whopper meal for the guy. After they get their food, that is when they ate some of it but then they started to complain about the food.  At first they said that the order was wrong, and then they kept changing their orders just to get some things for free. They also said that the food was not cooked all the way and then they left because they were causing too much chaos and the employees including me were getting upset about it.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Science Fiction Short Story (Final Draft)

The Day The World Came To An End
By Antoinette “Netta” Thomas
Period 2
Creative Writing

People screaming and the floor cracked into half through the city of San Francisco, and there was nothing but fire at the bottom of the earth. Some were falling and others were still holding to something that was strong or to a part of the road that was not broken up badly. I was holding on to a mailbox that was built on the sidewalk and I looked down and saw someone familiar. It was the one lady that I’ve seen earlier in the day and she was holding on to a piece of the road that was getting loose. The lady looked at me in fear and I did the same back to her and got teary eyed. But she realized that the piece that the lady was holding was about to break and make her fall into the lava in the ground.
“HELP ME!” Cried out the lady, but it was too late and the piece broke and made her fell with the piece.
I saw her fell into the lava and see people burn and die in them. Crying even more and knowing that everywhere in the world that they were going through the same thing California was going through: Judgment Day. But I looked up and saw a bright spot in the sky and I couldn’t believe it. There were no clouds in the sky and the view I see is what makes it beautiful.
“Bring me home Lord.” I said to myself in a soft voice and I knew that God was coming to get his people.
God had broken a piece of the sky open and his beautiful face was shown and all of his people were rising up to him to go to Heaven. Even people that died, their spirits were risen up along with us. But I look out and see that a big wave a fire was coming to destroy the Earth. All I could hear was people screaming and burning to death knowing that they all didn’t make it and I couldn’t see it anymore and had to close my eyes until I left the earth. After we were all gone from Heaven, the Earth turned into Hell and Satan started to laugh at all the peoples’ souls that he took because he knew that this was not the end of it. While the people that he stole their souls from had started to scream and cry for God to come and take them and to have them leave hell to go to Heaven but it was too late.
I rose up from my dream and exhaled a deep big breath and I was sweating a little bit on my neck and face from the dream and she started to cry. My husband Jason turns on the lights and turned around to see if I was okay.
“Baby what’s wrong? Talk to me.” Jason says while he looks at me and holds on to me.
“I had a bad dream and it was horrible.” I tell him, and I was shaking a little bit from it.
“What it that bad? Are you able to go back to sleep?” Jason was concerned in his voice as he asked me that question.
“I don’t know, I might just need to stay up for a little and just clear my head before I do go back to sleep.” I said while I removes the blankets from my body and sits on the edge of my side of the bed.
“Let me stay up with you.” Jason wanted to get up but I stopped him.
“Oh no it’s okay baby you can go back to sleep. I know you need some rest since you came home late today.” I insisted to him while I had my hand on his arm.
“Are you sure?” Jason wanted to know.
“Mm Hmm.” I lied but I didn’t want him to stay up over my crazy dream about Heaven and Hell.
“Give me a kiss then before I go to sleep.” Jason requested and I give him a kiss.
“One more thing I need to ask you.” Jason wanted to know and I can tell it was about the dream again.
“Go ahead.” I tell him while I stand up and look at him at the same time.
“What was the dream about?” Jason asked.
“Judgment Day.” I responded with a little fear in my voice.
“What do you think it meant?” Jason asked me wanting to know.
“I don’t know baby, and I wish I had the answers for it but I’m confused just as you are.” I responded like it’s the truth after all.
“You sure I shouldn’t stay up with you?” Jason asked, wanting to be sure about my decision.
“I promise I’ll be fine. I’m just going to the kitchen to give me a bottle of water and to get it out of my head before I go to sleep. It’ll only take me a couple of minutes.” I tell him so he won’t get worried about me.
“Alright then baby I trust you.” Jason tells me.
I gave him a kiss and looked each other in the eyes. “I know you do.”
I gave her a husband a kiss and then he turned back off his lamp light getting himself comfortable while I got out of bed and went to the kitchen downstairs. He watched me as I left and knew that I would be okay and he went back to sleep. I was in the kitchen drinking a bottle of water, crying from what I had seen in my dream and knew that God was coming sooner than I thought but I didn’t know when. Was it today? Would he come tomorrow? What about right now? No one knows but that dream was a sign from God about him coming soon but I didn’t know what was going to happen after that dream had occurred.
A couple of minutes later I go back up to the room in the dark and look at my husband sleeping and know that he is in a good sleep and I don’t want to bother him. I climb back in bed on the same side I was in and my back facing his back. But a minute later, Jason turns around and put his arm around my waist and gave me a kiss on the neck.
“I love you Jess.”
“I love you too baby.”
He kept me close to him to know that I will be alright and that I always had him when I’m not feeling well. I felt protected with him holding me and I put her arm over my arm and I went to sleep with him.
I woke up from my sleep in bed and looks at the time that is shown on the clock. I realize that I have to hurry up and get up or else I would be late for work and my manager would yell at me. I get up out of bed and take a shower, brush my teeth, and puts on my work clothes. While I look at myself in the mirror, I realize that it smells really good and thinks that my husband Jason is cooking breakfast downstairs in the kitchen.
I get my briefcase and walks downstairs into the kitchen smiling at Jason because the food was ready for me and he walks up to me to give me a kiss on the lips. Jason and I made each other blush and smile at each other with his arm around my waist and my free arm around his shoulder.
“What is it that you cooked baby?” I asked my husband Jason while we walked up to the dining room table with all the breakfast food being presented.
“Eggs, pancakes, and bacon for me and you since we both need to hurry up for work. I didn’t want to cook something that was heavy but light. Oh yeah, and we got orange juice and water for you to not choke or anything.”
“Aw thank you baby.” I give him a smile and give him a kiss on the lips as well.
We both sat down and ate their breakfast food in a short amount of time. Afterwards, we both were walking to our own car that we use to go to work.
“Alright baby, I’m heading to work and I might be home late since I got to work on this project with my partner Damon.” Jason tells me while putting his things in the backseat of his Cadillac Escalade.
I do the same thing to her SUV Yukon, but after I close the door I walk up to my driver door and looks suspicious about something.
“Is everything okay Jessica? You don’t look alright.” Jason tells me while going to his driver door for his car. 
“Baby can I ask you something?” I ask while we meet each other halfway to talk.
“Sure baby. What’s up?” Jason asks me waiting for the question to come out.
“Are you ready for the world to come to an end?” I ask, worried about his answer.
“Yeah I’m ready for him to come. I did my part with following the Lord and doing everything that he the bible tells me to do.” Jason responds to my question but seems a little worried about me while looking at me. “Are you ready baby?”
I jump back into reality from being zoned out. “Yeah I’m ready baby; I just wanted to ask you that’s all.”
“You still thinking about that dream you had last night?”
“No I’m over it, I was just asking.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah I’m sure.”
“Alright then, have a good day at work.”
“You too baby.” I responded while he gave me a kiss on the cheek.
We both went to our cars and got in the driver seat and shut the door behind us and put our things in the passenger seat. Both of us drove out of the driveway and drove our separate ways to work.
I drove to the underground parking that was private to only the people that worked in their company. I pulled up in a parking spot and turned off my car when my car was parked well. I got out of the car with my things and closed the door behind me and pressed the button on the car keys. I walked out of the underground parking up to top which was the normal level that went out into the public. I had to walk a couple of blocks to my job and there were many things I saw that was stating about the world ending. Walking on the sidewalk, I saw a poor women talking to people about God coming soon.
“The Lord is coming! The Lord is coming! Give your lives to God before it’s too late, please.”
            “Lady shut up. No one cares about the Lord coming and if he was coming he would have come a long time ago.”
            “Yeah but you never know when he will come, even he don’t know himself when he coming. But if he comes unexpectedly you will beg for his mercy to bring you up there with him.”
            “Yeah, yeah lady shut up no one doesn’t want to hear your stupidest crap. That’s stupid to scare people like that when you just said that God don’t even know. So that means I got plenty of time to live my life before he come.”
            “Even if he did come this second, there’s no way I’m a give my life to god with all the crazy mess he puts Christians through.”
            ‘Exactly,” The girl looks up at her boyfriend. “You ready to go Troy?”
            “Yeah Keyshia, let’s go baby.”
            They both walked away from the lady while holding hands while the poor lady yelled at them.
            I stood there and we both stared at each other. The lady walked up to us and handed me a bracket about the last days that we are living in.

            “Please don’t make the same mistake that they are going to make when the time comes.”
            I nodded back at her and my eyes looked like that I will keep the promise that she asked for. The poor lady kept walking up the street just telling strangers about the Lord coming soon and I had looked at her until I couldn’t see her anymore. I went inside my job department building and went on the 3rd level where my office was located and went up to it by an elevator and some of my work friends were in there. Allen Smith, Star Jones and Christy Ali were in the elevator waiting to get on their level to work on the science project about the world diagram.
            “Hey Jessica how are you girl?”
            ‘I’m good how you have been doing?”
            “I’m doing well just ready to get to this science project about predicting the world coming to an end.”
            “Christy you just trying to scare people as usual.”
            “You are correct and I love it.”
            “Jessica what’s wrong with you?”
            “This lady was talking to these people including me and it scared me.”
            ‘What was she saying?”
            “It wasn’t just her; it was things everywhere talking about the world ending.”
            “What happened?”
            “She was talking to this specific couple and they were arguing with each other about turning their life around to God. It was just scary to me and she came up to me telling me to turn my life to God. But I had nothing to worry about because I know that I am living for the Lord, and then she walked away and then all of a sudden she had disappeared.”
            “That sounds scary Jessica. But yeah girls don’t worry about that, just brush it off and you will be alright.”
            “You right Star, Jessica don’t worry about the world coming to an end if you know you living right for the Lord. Just make sure you don’t let the devil get you to sin.”
            “Thanks guys I appreciate it.”
            It was Star, Christy, Allen, Jessica, and a couple of other people in the elevator waiting to get off the elevator until there was a quick shook that made us move a little and hold on to something looking around suspicious. The elevator door opened and we all got out seeing what was going on. Mostly everyone was looking at TVs that were close to them and was seeing that there were earthquakes going on around the world and there were people crying trying to see why is it happening and there was cities getting destroyed, having riots, and many other tragedies going on.
            “You guys we have no time to waste, we have to figure out when there will be an earthquake that will occur in the US. But most of all, if it will occur here.”
            “Why is it that I had a dream about this happening?”
            “Now you’re really starting to scare me Jessica.”
            They all went to their labs and got started on their experiments. Some people were coming up with conclusions that it will end today, or it will come sooner than people think. But I knew the answer but I was scared no one would believe me.
            “Jessica you’re acting strange and I’m concerned about you.”
            “When nations go against nations, rumors of wars going on and earthquakes occurring at different places, I am coming soon and have my children are ready for me to come.”
            “Jessica what’s going on?”
            “I had a dream that people were falling into the fire beneath of us, and then some of us were rising up into heaven with God and some people were holding on to things and trying to see what is going to happen. Then all of a sudden, there was a big fire wave coming through like a nuclear bomb has been dropped on the US from New York to California. All of a sudden you hear screaming and people burning to death knowing that they didn’t make it to Heaven. It was so scary and I couldn’t sleep that much after I saw it.”
            “Oh my goodness, you need to tell them this right now.”
            “No I can’t Star they won’t believe me.”
            “You never know now c’mon.”
            Star grabbed my arm and had me get up out of my chair and walked in the lab with the others and Star got their attention.
            “Excuse me everyone we have an announcement.”
            Everybody stopped what they were doing and all eyes were staring at us. I wanted to fall out but there was no time to be afraid to tell them.
            “What is it?”
            “There’s no need to figure out when he’s coming. Because it’s sooner than you think.”
            “What are you talking about?”
            Some people tried to do their work but not for long.
            “As I was saying, I had a dream last night that people were falling into the lava underneath us and God took all his people and then the Earth turned into Hell. God might be even coming today. You see what’s going on everywhere else in the world. What makes you think that is not the sign he is trying to show us?”
            “Is this some kind of a joke Jessica?”
            “No this is not a joke this for-“
            All of a sudden there was a big shook that occurred in the city and their building was moving with it. It stopped and the lights were acting funny and we heard a bad destruction happening outside and we all rushed to see the view and there was bad things going on and people running for their lives and we also saw that the roads were trying to crack. Jessica’s heart wanted to stop and kept beating fast because part of the things that is going on was happening in her dream last night.

            “Look what you just did Jessica.”
            “This is not my fault.”
            We all realized that the building was going to collapse so we all got out of the building by stairs, elevators, and other fire exits. When we all got outside we saw even more tragedies happening everywhere around us. There were accidents going on at the same time but in different areas of the city. My coworkers and I had run into different directions trying to see where it would be safe to protect ourselves. I ran up to a mailbox that was on the sidewalk and I had a tight grip that would help me not fall or get hurt.
            There were cracks that were forming on the streets everywhere in different directions getting deeper and deeper. Until all of a sudden, the cracks got so deeper that I was able to see the lava that was visible for everyone to see. I started to see people fall down into the lava and screaming at the same time, making my eyes close shut and looking away. The view of the people falling down into hell made me want to cry and I knew that God was going to be coming sooner than we thought.
I thought about my husband Jason and wondered where he was while this situation was going on. Until all of a sudden I see a figure that was running towards me but I couldn’t see who it was with the sun in my eyes.
Jessica kept holding on to the mailbox and then her husband was behind her holding on to the mailbox with her and putting themselves close together to feel protected.
While all of the chaos was going on with the world going through a bad destruction, sprits from Hell was coming up on Earth and they were trying to get some people back to sinning or keep them sinning. But one of them came towards Jason and I, making us ready for what was going to happen.
“What’s the matter Jessica? Afraid that you will sin before God comes to get you?”
The spirits starts to laugh at me and Jason and I had kept our eyes closed while praying to God to keep us from sinning and to rebuke the sprits away from us.

“God please hurry and come to gather all your children so we can go to Heaven with you. But also help my husband and me to rebuke this spirit away from us. We know that the Devil is here to take as many souls away from you before you come. But we won’t let that happen to us and help others stay strong by living in your ways.”   
“God don’t hear you, you might as well give us Jessica. You and your husband should stop praying to someone that’s making you go through things like this.”
Out of nowhere a powerful force made the sprit scream and have him go back to Hell since the Lord has protected them from the spirits. My husband and I saw opened up our eyes and saw some people sinning while others were still holding it together strong or some Christians were becoming weak and getting back into sinning.
Jessica heard a scream coming from underneath her but she saw who it was that was about to fall into Hell. The lady that was holding on to a piece of the street was getting scared and had fear in her eyes and looked at me. I did the same back to her and I knew that it was too late for her to change.
“I should have listened.”
I was speechless as my eyes started to get watery and I realize that the piece she was holding onto was getting looser as she kept trying to hold onto it.
But it was too late; she started to fall down into the lava while screaming for her life until we couldn’t hear any more of her but other tragedies and screaming coming from somewhere else.
“Just like my dream.”
Out of nowhere they look up into the sky and see that there is a piece of the sky that has been torn open and they heard a trumpet sound coming from it. Jason and I knew that this was the final step that was said in Matthews 24 in the bible. Buildings were starting to collapse and more accidents happen and more tragedies with destruction were occurring while the trumpet kept playing.
But then the beautiful face of God had appeared and it was time for his children to come home. Sprits from the dead were rising, and then bodies from different places in the city were starting to rise with them. Then my husband and I’s body was rising as well with the others. We could see some people started to scream and cry when they realized that we had disappeared and they were getting left behind expecting the worst. After God has gathered all of their children and brought them to heaven, the piece in the sky closed back up.
People were nervous about what was going to happen next. A big wave of fire started to come towards the city and it was setting everything in the way on fire including the ocean that was on the border of California. The Devil came to Earth and started to laugh at all the souls he had taken over and the Earth turned into Hell. People were having their flesh burn from their skin and it kept repeating the same procedure in the same order. They both got what they wanted: Souls.

Daily Journal

My restaurant would be named Chocolate City and it would be so beautiful in the inside as well on the outside. The outside would be made out of colorful bricks in different areas around the outside of the building. People would look and become themselves and everything would be served from national to international. SO that way every type of people would feel the right to be at home and be themselves.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Daily Journal

There was an old man reading a book with only a lamp light on in the living room. He realized that there was something moving under his carpet that he had on the floor that covered some of his living room floor. He didn't really know what it was but he had ignored it because he didn't really think it was there but just an imagination. He kept on reading but then he saw the bump start moving from under the sofa chair he was sitting in to under the small table that was holding the lamp. He was nervous because the bump wasn't normal, so he got ghis chair and lift it under his head. He didn't want to kill the thing that was hiding but he didn't want the thing to kill him neither. So before he was about to hit it, the thing that was under the carpet had crawled out and reveled itself. it was only a dog that was looking for somewhere to stay since his family abandon him and the guy put the chair back down. They became friends ever since and the guy was his new owner.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Daily Journal

Behind her the noise escalated... louder like a person stumping their way towards Kelsy. People was all around gathered around each other looking at the door to see who was going to come. There was a moment of silence but then out of nowhere the door busted open real fast making everyone scream. It was a person in a monster costume and the guy quickly took the mask off to reveal himself to the others. It was Max's dad and he was playing a prank on them to get them out of the house. But of course it didn't work because they wanted to catch th monster before they would have to leave.
Everyone laughed about it and they spent the rest of the night partying with the other guests downstairs in the living room and when ti struck midnight, everyone went home and got away from the house looking back at it with the evil face from the way the house looked. But we all knew that it was nothing but the monster.